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Our company strives to constantly develop and meet the expectations of our clients. Therefore, our offer includes the versatile, modern and innovative 3D laser scanning technology.

Our company has been using this method for several years, hence we are proud of our extensive portfolio comprising several dozen projects. They consist of thousands of measurement stands and billions of acquired points.

The scanner measurements apply to the entire space and enable us to acquire information on facilities without the need to contact them. In this way, we are able to measure distances, and vertical and horizontal angles. The results are shown in the so-called point cloud where each point has its own x, y and z coordinates and colour details.

So far, we have used this extremely universal device to measure buildings, industrial facilities, monuments, and to carry out topographic surveys of areas and mines. Therefore, we highly recommend the 3D laser scanning services based on Leica ScanStation C10. This technique ensures extremely precise studies that cannot be acquired, using traditional measurement methods. The final result is to submit numeric documentation (e.g. CAD), the advantage of which is to repeatedly use the obtained data in subsequent projects.

Learn more about the 3D laser scanning technology and application and download the following presentations or contact us.

PDF 3D laser scanning technology and application,
PDF Application of 3D laser scanning in architectural and construction inventories,
PDF Application of 3D laser scanning in inventories of industrial facilities,
PDF Aplication of 3D laser scanning in inventories of areas and mines.
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